FRICK+PARTNER is highly specialised in the fields of criminal tax law, tax dispute proceedings and white-collar criminal law.
We accompany legal proceedings throughout all stages.

Criminal tax law

Defence in criminal tax law demands a highly specialised knowledge of both criminal tax law and criminal law. We are specialists in both legal fields. It is this combination that sets us apart. We can accompany both tax proceedings and tax crime proceedings from under one roof. This makes us highly efficient. It is the only way to achieve very good results.

Our activities in criminal tax law include:

  • Explanations of tax law / criminal tax law circumstances, advice on voluntary disclosure
  • Tax fraud investigations
  • Advice on the avoidance of criminal law risks in business, known as tax compliance
  • Defence in criminal tax law proceedings from the investigation process to any criminal court trial
  • Support in the case of searches, interrogations and detentions

Tax dispute proceedings

Our day-to-day work involves constant contact with fiscal authorities. Fiscal court proceedings are nothing special for us. On the contrary. We appear regularly before fiscal courts and the Federal Supreme Finance Court representing the interests of our clients. Throughout Germany. It is this profound practical experience that sets us apart.

Our lawyers and tax advisors do not provide general tax accounting advice. We work in partnership with tax advisors and auditors in crisis situations.

Our activities in tax dispute proceedings include in particular:

  • Redress procedures before fiscal authorities
  • Fiscal court proceedings
  • Proceedings before the Federal Supreme Finance Court
  • Monitoring of external audits and exit meetings
  • Tax law opinions

We are also one of very few legal firms specialising in customs law.

White-collar criminal law

We know the workings of the investigative authorities. Dealing with public prosecutors and criminal courts is our daily bread. We advocate vehemently for the rights of our clients. Our goal is to conclude criminal proceedings without trial.

Our field of activity in the area of white-collar crime law includes

  • Criminal law advice in connection with crimes arising from the day-to-day business of a company, such as § 266a StGB (withholding and embezzlement of wages), § 264 StGB (subsidy fraud, currently also in connection with Corona emergency aid grants), § 263 StGB (fraud) and many more.
  • Advising and representing companies in administrative fine proceedings
  • advising and representing tax advisors in criminal law matters
  • the support of individuals in preliminary proceedings under economic criminal law up to a possible trial before a criminal court
  • assistance with searches, interrogations and detention
  • preventive advice on commercial criminal law (compliance)

Customs law and customs penalty law

The diverse requirements of customs law require a high-degree of legal specialization. And this is our commitment. We advise companies in Germany in all matters of customs law. Additionally, customs penalty law plays a significant role in our law firm. In cases of border controls, the investigation authorities can either be focused on companies or on private citizens. Since we have extensive expertise in customs law and criminal law (a rare combination), we are able to effectively enforce the rights of the defendant in criminal proceedings, as well, under customs law.

Our fields of activity in customs and customs penalty law include:

  •  Redress procedure against customs notifications, binding tariff information and preferential tariffs.
  • Litigations regarding the customs value with the main customs offices
  • Advice in case of violations against foreign trade law
  • Criminal defense in proceedings regarding customs law, from the preliminary proceeding to a possible actual criminal trial.
  • Litigations associated with excise taxes managed by the customs administration (e.g. liquor tax, energy tax)