FRICK+PARTNER was established in 2005 under the name Frick Quedenfeld by Dr. Jörg Frick and Dr. Dietrich Quedenfeld. The firm has been trading under the name FRICK+PARTNER since 01.01.2015 and its eponymous founder has for decades been one of the leading names in white-collar criminal and tax criminal law. From its inception, the firm has operated according to three central principles: specialisation, dedication, discretion.

Specialisation. Our knowledge is our strength.

We work exclusively within the legal fields of criminal tax law, tax dispute proceedings and white-collar criminal law. This concentration on our core competences is the precondition for our quality and success.  Only someone who is constantly “at the sharp end” has the know-how, the equanimity, techniques and experience to successfully deal with crisis situations. And we can also fall back on profound specialist expertise. Our letterhead is our business card. Constant advanced and additional training is our premise at FRICK+PARTNER. That is what makes us specialists.

Dedication. Our goal is your success.

We see ourselves as the representative of your interests. If you are satisfied, then we are too. FRICK+PARTNER consistently strives for the best possible result. Our various professional experts work as a team. The best results are achieved together. We are your protective shield and unconditional commitment is a given for us. We define ourselves by our success. That is our incentive.

Discretion. We remain silent whilst others boast.

Discretion is our overriding principle. Our clients expect confidentiality – and rightly so. We take attorney-client privilege very seriously. We solve cases without background noise. We do not advertise our major corporate or celebrity clients. Our guiding principle is exclusively the interests of our client. No details from our legal consulting rooms will ever reach the outside world. FRICK+PARTNER is renowned for this.

»TOP tax consultancy for tax advice & criminal tax law«

tax special of the German magazine Focus – Steuer-Spezial-2020 as a supplement to Focus, edition 15/2020

»The boutique is still among the most influential players in the Stuttgart area in criminal tax law…«

German tax manual Juve Handbuch Steuern 2020

»Top law firm 2020 in the field of economic criminal law«

German business magazine Wirtschaftswoche, edition 15/2020

»The law firm is still one of the most important addresses in tax law in the Stuttgart region.«

Juve-Handbuch Steuern 2019 and Juve-Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2019/2020

»Top law firm 2019 in the field of economic criminal law«

German business magazine Wirtschaftswoche, edition 15/2019

»The frequently recommended law firm around name partner Jörg Frick obviously did a good job of repositioning, as younger partners are now more responsible. You can build on a well-established network (…). Eg by excellent contacts with civil law firms in the region, but also with Auditors. In addition to tax litigation, this partnership is also very active in customs procedures.«

Juve-Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2016/2017

»Recommended white-collar criminal law firm which is involved in practically every major court case in Baden-Württemberg. This is due not only to their competence, but also their excellent contacts (…). Furthermore it is the criminal tax law competence which attracts attention throughout Germany.«

Juve-Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2013/2014